Challenge 3

photo of a brown wooden signage
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I like looking up… and I am always grateful to be greeted by something truly amazing and inspirational! I am drawn into it, and humble by its vastness and infinite beauty. Sometimes – I admit! – looking at it literally cause my jaw to drop! And that happens frequently!

I do love to sit in the backyard, wrapped in a blanket stolen from the couch, and just look up. During those moments, time stands still, and I am back to my childhood, and adolescence, and adulthood… During those moments, I am with my loved ones again, with all my friends, all people that are part of me, of my life, of each fibre of my being.

Just picture this: all over the world in a clear night we all tip our heads back and wonder!
I like to imagine that there are other people discovering shapes, dreaming about the future, wishing upon a star, and feeling part of something greater than myself.
I imagine that we are all doing this together. And it is an unifying feeling.


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