Life blood

two woman hugging each other
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Have I ever told you that your eyes are my rainbow in any storm?
When my body felt like a cage, you unlocked me with only words.
You take out the pain and make it bearable by still seeing the person I truly am.
No matter what, you stand firm, reassuring, kind.
In every weak and blink moment, you become my life blood, and my roots get stronger, and my branches grow wider.
At every step, you hold my hand and give me the best gift: ability, hope and faith to hold rainbows in my eyes.
And for that reason alone I am a bird in the sky, able to sing once more.
And for that, I  love you dearly, right to the essence of whatever I am.


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48 thoughts on “Life blood

    1. Thank you so much for reading and for leaving your comment.
      The voice of every sentiment, feeling and emotion can be heard on words, on gestures, on a hug, on a smile, on a kiss, on a shoulder, on a trembling voice, or a strong warm hand/ arm holding you… All of them, in my opinion, on their particular and peculiar way, voice a feeling, an emotion and a sentiment…🙏🙏❤️

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  1. Nice piece.So true for mother and child bonding. Such thing as simple as hugs smile, kisses can be powerful. It brings sweet feeling that calms the nerves. Even thhough life sometimes makes it hard to love as we should, we can always find complete consolation in these simple gestures

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