Taste of dreams…

Childhood is measured out by sounds and smells and sights, before the dark hour of reason grows.

woman in white sleeveless dress near green plants
Photo by Alex Fu on Pexels.com

I don’t remember what the life I once dreamed of tastes like, not most of the times… But a strange thing happened: I wake up today with too much gravity, wanting to sip on stars and galaxies, reminiscing…

I know it smells of pine trees and fog, and smoke, and rain and earth…

It sounds like the song of solitude rushing through the beds of rivers and creeks, the wind rustling through the canopies and carpets of leaves…

It feels like sunrise soaked skin, and the warmest winter jumper, and the tides smoothing the sand…

In my dream, I am sitting in a field of wheat and I marvel at the grains. I run my hand along the edge of the stalks bend lazily with the breeze and holding my face upward to feel the warm of the sun of a mid summer day. The birds fly in an almost cloudless sky, and the air smells dry… I start walking through what it seems an endless field, and as I go the tide changes… The clouds slide slowly bringing a theatre with them… It is still warm, but I know it will come in seconds… And I feel the first drop of freshness in my face… The field was craving it, and the stalks compose themselves ceremoniously to receive the so desired rain. The smell changes, and the pungent perfume of the earth invades that universe…

My feet become roots, digging into the soil, my hands become branches and leaves soaking the rain and the sporadic sunshine warming light, and I feel at home, waving happily in the wind.

I may not know what the dreams of my youth taste like, but I know how my adult ones do, and they are not that different… They still taste and smell at sun, rain, and fog, and pine, and earth, and rivers, and nature… Everything that makes me feel free, happy.


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48 thoughts on “Taste of dreams…

  1. your soul comes through this piece. your connection to yourself and the world around you has a romance I envy. the opening and closing paragraphs are lovely bookends. if only this moment could be framed.

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    1. Gina thank you so much for your words of encouragement! Theses words, sentences, feelings, emotions are my DNA, they are engrained in every tissue of my body… It is so good to be able to share them without any judgement! Have a great day, my dear!🙏🙏☺️🤗🌺💟

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  2. Oh, Sonia! This put tears in my eyes. So much of what you describe is how I relate to Mother Nature, yet lately, due to all the deaths I’ve experienced with my fur babies, that Connection is not there right there. And OH how I miss it. Bless you for honoring your Connection to Mother …. 🌟🌟🌟

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    1. I understand that you going through a grieving process, but you will soon recover that connection! Your words and photos show that you are on the road to it! Your connection isn’t lost, just fade a bit, nothing else! Just like a summer storm… It will go Amy!😘💕

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      1. Bless you for your encouragement, Sonia. I’ve been through this process before so yes I do know my “Bliss” will return. The “magic” has not disappeared as you say, my images do show. My “Connection” will be plugged back in all in good time, most likely on a deeper level. When the male and female Flickers allowed me to observe them in their mating dance, that just proves what I just said. I’m going “deeper”. May you have a great day today, dear friend. I so appreciate you!! XOXO

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  3. Every time I read a post of yours, its like being dipped in a blissful sea of emotions. Even when the wave has passed you are left drenched in it.😊
    This is written so beautifully, dear. I loved it. 💞🤗

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