Salty water

back view hair observing ocean
Photo by Nikolay Draganov on

End of another day…
Sat on the sofa, with a cup of caramel latte in my hands, I rest my head for some minutes.
I close my eyes…
Sat in the shallows, I let the tide lick my toes,
Cure my open wounds with it miraculous salty water.
All about this moment is the perfume and taste of salty water…
I just drink in he sight of the waves, the foam, the roaring and rhythmic pounding obliterated all other sounds.
At each big wave approaching, I brace myself for impact.
The salty water, smell and taste, reminding me not to restrain.
Water will come; water will shrink back down the beach to the ocean, cleaning all on its way, cuddling the sand.
I take my cup to my lips and mix the sweet caramel with the salty taste. Comforting.

I let my eyes float in the glittering blue reflection ahead.
My frozen muscles begin to relax…
When another wave approaches, facing the black wall of water, I recall the waves I used to run into as a child.
They used to amazed me and scared simultaneously!
They engulfed and dragged me up the sandy beach while gasping for air…
I do try to find an anchor in this storm, a rare pocket of sublime sunshine in the eye of the storm.
A rare pocket of haven that could soothe a soul.
I am standing like a statue, and then a dull salty mist spread onshore, partially obliterating my view.
A taste the salty water resurface… and I mix it with sweet caramel.

And pause…

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