Wonderland world

woman wearing fairy costume
Photo by TΓΊ Nguyα»…n on Pexels.com

I have no golden wand,
Nor any mystic powder charms,
But when I touch your soft velvet hand,
When you pull me close into your arms,
I swear that some sorcery begins to stir,
It is at play.
My alarm senses ringing,
My instinct keeping me at bay.

So magical is your soft touch,
So whimsical is your sweet kiss,
I hear symphonies being played by the stars and the moon,
I believe all the fairies are together and will reveal themselves soon.
We have it all right in our hands,
We have space to fly,
And we have a place to land.
We are living in wonderland.

Β©Postcard from life lately January 2020 All Rights Reserved


15 thoughts on “Wonderland world

  1. Ohh this poem is as whimsical as its topic. I’ve always believed that just because we can’t see magic with our own eyes, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist just beyond our sight. I also really like the casual rhyming you have throughout the poem. I personally like to read and write poems that have a rhyme scheme and it’s always nice to see someone do the same 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you do much for your reading and for leaving me such a wonderful comment.
      I agree with you: eyes can’t see magic, but our soul and heart can, because in the presence of magic their strings are stroke.

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