My story living abroad – Part II

So here you are, too foreign for home and too foreign for here, never enough for both.” – Ijeoma Umebinyuo, “Diaspora Blues”

Moving away and putting a large body of water between people I care and I was – still is – hard.

woman sitting on swing beside tree
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People distanced themselves completely, others came closer. We change, people around us change, as does the place. Living abroad adds two more factors to it: people and places you left behind…

Truth is the show goes on regardless.

Exciting things happened without me – friends got married, babies were born, and parties were thrown.

It was – still is – hard to accept, but it’s the same for my family and friends who missed out on all the good moments in my life.

I developed new habits. I started doing as the locals do: I learned when to go to the market, I found my coffee shop… I assimilated and caught myself “doing as the locals do”.

Home? Home! It becomes harder to answer that question.

Home is where the heart is. What if the heart is in multiple different places?

If home is where my heart is, then home is everywhere and nowhere.

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5 thoughts on “My story living abroad – Part II

  1. Exactly. Home is where your heart is. Missing a former life keeps us in many ways chained in our new life. Letting it go and accepting things as they are now, is a call to a new-found freedom, Sonia. For months for example, I mourned for my life as I had known and created. That was in a blink ripped from me and as a result I fell into such despair. When we choose to again create in a new way [hopefully] our lives will become something even better then it was before. That is what I am in fact working on now. Baby steps. Rome was not conquered in a day. (smile) xo


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