Take it as a daily vitamin pill, a renewed energy, joy, beauty and change that our soul receive with each random message of hope.

We will face adversities in life and will have some bad patches which may discourage us. It is not uncommon to experience failures, more than we experience success. Things are not always under our control, at least not as often as we want them to.

People tend to forget that like the fears in our lives, there is an abundance of happiness too.

People tend to forget that every day the universe send us multiple random messages of hope.

It can be a word.

Or the way someone phrases what we can never put words to.

A memory.

Or something we see in the nature, or in someone’s eyes.

Sometimes all it takes is for one person to see the possibility of a good outcome.

One. Just one.

And just that one thing, in that moment, can spark change in us, in our heart. It can mean hope instead of fear, joy instead of pain, light instead of darkness.

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