Your worth

Deep down, you might feel like there is something missing…

So, you work harder.

You lose the weight.

You get married.

You get the friendships.

You get the job.

You wait to feel whole.

Then you wait…

Camels & Chocolate

But you never feel it.

Many of us struggle to find our worth.

We look at our lives and we see all the areas we fall short in, and we question our value.

One day we accomplish something great or see a quality in ourselves that we like and we chase that feeling by trying to do more, be more, accomplish more, but in the end, we are left feeling worthless once again.

You see, the problem is not that we aren’t trying hard enough. The problem is that we are looking for our worth in all the wrong places.

You’re never going to fill that void with people, titles, education, marriage, friendships, success, material goods, of by accomplishing good things.

You cannot earn your worth.

You cannot buy self-love.

The only way you’re going to feel worthy is to find a way to get back to the reality of your worth.

And you find it inherently, inside of you.

Seek it out.

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