About me

Hi, I am Sonia.

Born and raised in a quiet village in the north of Portugal, between mountains, valleys and rivers, I spent my childhood immersing myself in nature, the great outdoors. I still keep close to my heart all the dreams and aspirations of my inner child.
I have studied in Minho’s University where I’ve developed my creative side even more, as an author and photographer.
I love nature, cabins, walking barefoot, the smell of rain, and all hobbies that include rambling in the outdoors. I need to write and to take photographs as the air that I breath, and while doing it you will see in me the biggest smile!

I still believe in magic, I still believe in being myself as I am.

My motto in life is Meraki, which means putting my soul, creativitity and love in everything I do!

Join me! We can share our experiences together!

Welcome to Postcard from life lately!