Sorry, but not sorry.

midsection of woman
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Human beings – they live, they learn, they grow. They take care of their families, they take are of each other. All of them are equal, but none of them are the same. But there’s one thing they have in common: every one of them makes mistakes – in fact, an average of five mistakes each hour.
As a human being, I am no exception.

There’s a lot of mistakes I make in a day. A million stumbles and silly decisions. Most days I do feel the shame at some point and I am constantly reaching out, trying to make amends. You see, I do practice overthinking or ‘the art of self-reflection’ as someone kindly put it.
And here’s the thing. While there is plenty of apologies coming from me on a daily basis, there are also some things I can’t and won’t apologise for. Now, I am bracing myself for the impact, as I am fully aware of the fact that these pieces of who I am might make others uncomfortable, they might get into peoples’ nerves, but “Let people feel the weight of who you are. And let them deal with it“.

I am not sorry:
– For being naive and extremely vulnerable.
– For being a mixture of ‘safe player’s and ‘daring warrior’s.
– For writing from my soul and for pouring my heart on it.
– For loving too much and being loved dearly.
– For declaring my love for people and for nature.
– For believing and loving whimsical fairytales.
– For keep seeing magic on the little and simple post-its that life gives me every day
– For being ‘too deep’, that’s my trail-marker.
– For beliving that hope, love, light are the Star of Bethlehem of my life.

And guess what? All of these things are not going anywhere, anytime soon.


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