Go on, little girl, life won’t wait for you!

Close your eyes, let your hair loose.

Enjoy life as someone that has nothing to lose.

Go, forget the world. Wet your feet in the pool of life, dive into what your heart desires.

Life won’t wait!

Have the courage to look deep in someone’s eyes and say ‘I love you’. You may not have another chance.

Have the courage to look deep in the eyes of someone you love and say ‘you are wrong’. Some things have to be said and heard.

Go on little girl, life won’t wait for you!

Embrace what makes you smile, embrace what brings you joy, embrace what makes you happy, and dream, that is still free!

Don’t wait, don’t expect, pursuit it, fight for it!

Sometimes you will win. Sometimes you will lose. Sometimes you will rise victorious. Sometimes you will be beaten up.

Everything comes and goes as tides.

Promises come and go; plans can easily fall apart; words are gone with the wind; you can set the rules.

The pain you face now, you’ll look at it in the eyes and you’ll laugh in its face. It will pass.

Come on, be stubborn, little girl, and keep pushing the boundaries, building new skyscrapers! Your strength is stronger than any territory, is stronger than the winds.

Dreams may come true or not. If they change, if they are different, take matters in your own hands and redo it, recolour it, repaint it, carve it!

Bottom line, one day your eyes will close forever, and all that would matter, little girl, it’s how it made you smile.

Say what you think, say what you need to say, and do what you love, what makes you happy and what you need to do!

And that’s it. Full stop, little girl.


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