Invisible shadow

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The girl is like every girl: not pretty, not ugly, not pale or particularly tanned. She walks in a way that doesn’t draw the attention, any attention. Her clothing isn’t overly fashionable or bright in colour, she has her own style. Everything about her makes her blend in, as if she is only a shadow of no importance.

But she is quirky, weirdly quirky!

She starts her books reading the last page, expecting the happy ending every time.
When she was little, she always dreamt of the last page of the story of her life, but that one always eluded her.
So she fights through every chapter ignoring the hurt.

She believes in the last page of the last chapter – where the happy ending is mentioned, she hopes.


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19 thoughts on “Invisible shadow

  1. I hope she’ll find her happy ending ❤️ as they say, if it’s not okay then it’s not the end!
    I left a comment on your previous post and it vanished probably you should check your spam
    Thank you 💕


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